Member Responsibilities


This is a quick reference list of duties and expectations for choir members.  A fuller and more precise list can be found in the Members Booklet that is available in the LPMC Dropbox folder.

Rehearsal Information: All rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00pm at First-St. Andrews United Church, 350 Queens Ave., London.

Contact Information: Members must have access to LPMC on Dropbox, and be connected to our email list and our membership area of the webpage so that they can receive information concerning concerts, rehearsals, music, and extra duties.  They should also be able to access the Members’ Booklet which contains the duties of choir members.

Choir Fees: Membership is $265 per person per year and should be paid to the Choir Secretary or Treasurer before the end of September.  If needed, alternate arrangements for payment can be made, with approval of the Treasurer/Executive.

Late and Absentee Policy: If a member knows he/she is going to be late or absent for a rehearsal because of a conflict or illness, he/she must contact Lois Nagata at: [email protected].

Concert dress:  Members are to wear black long sleeved tops (shirts /blouses), black bottoms (pants/skirts),  black shoes and socks.  (unless otherwise indicated)

Ticket Sales: Members will be issued four tickets per concert.  It is expected that each member will make every effort to sell these tickets to ensure that we have a large enough audience to offset the costs of the concert.  Likewise, members are asked to make an effort to place flyers and posters in strategic places to attract an audience to the concerts.

Extra duties: In order to make sure that risers and chairs are in place for rehearsals and concerts, each member is expected to help with the set up and break down of concert stage sets. The moving of choir risers from time to time is also necessary, and assistance with this is often needed.  Occasionally members may also be asked to perform other duties to ensure the success of a concert or to raise money to offset performance fees