AAs we come to the end of our 2021/2022 season, we have much to be thankful for and much to look forward to.  It has been a bit of a bumpy ride for us as the Covid pandemic rages and wanes and then rages again.  

We have been very fortunate to have been able to stage two concerts so far this season — our “ Messiah excerpts”  on November 28th, and our “Reflections” concert on March 27th.   Both concerts were a joy to sing and were well received by our audiences.  As many of you know, Paul Grambo agreed to be Guest Conductor for both these concerts as health issues incapacitated our Artistic Director, Markus Howard.

I have some sad news and some very good news in this regard.   The sad news is that Markus does not feel that he can undertake the long drive from Oshawa weekly as his health issues are still ongoing.  He has regretfully decided to withdraw as the Artistic Director of LPMC.   The choir wishes him well and is very sorry that we only had one full concert with him back in 2019.  After that, first Covid, then Markus’ accident intervened to prevent that happy collaboration.  

On a brighter note,  Paul Grambo has agreed to become the Artistic Director of LPMC from July 1st 2022.   Until that time, he has again stepped in to guest conduct our next concert, “Celebrations and Light” on June 4th at St. James Westminister.  Paul  has been the main reason that we have been able to put on two concerts this season.   He stepped in just four weeks before the concert to conduct us in exerpts from Messiah, and then agreed to choose repertoire and conduct the March concert when it became clear that Markus’ injuries were more extensive than we first thought.   Finally, just two weeks ago, he agreed to choose repertoire and conduct our last concert, “Celebrations and Light”.  Paul has a long history with LPMC.   He  conducted the choir in 2018 for a Christmas concert and was popular with the choir at that time. If you scroll down to his autobiography, you will see that he is an excellent choice for Artistic Director and we are very glad that he has agreed to join us in a more formal capacity.

We send our very best wishes to Markus, and we look forward to our June concert, and to planning an inclusive, innovative programme for 2022/2023.


London Pro Musica Choir lends their support to the Ukrainian people and all who are suffering from the war in the Ukraine. We will be accepting donations for Humanitarian Relief for the Ukraine at our concert on March 27th at First St. Andrew’s Church.

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