Board of Directors for London Pro Musica Choir

Per the By-Laws of London Choral Foundation, operating as London Pro Musica Choir, our Board of Directors and the Executive Committee (leadership and administrative group of the choir) have one and the same membership. LPMC is a self-governing organization without an external Board of Directors. The Board consists of the President, Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large when voting as a Board of Directors.

When meeting as the Executive Committee the same membership as well as  the Artistic Director, and a few additional Choir Council positions may be added to broaden consultation and decision-making. The full Choir Council, broadly representing all of the volunteer roles, meets at least once or twice each year.


Voting Members

President: Ian Davies

Past-President:  Theresa Hyland

Vice-President: Jenn Flores

Secretary: Mary Carol Watters

Member-at-Large: Lois Nagata

Non-Voting Members

Treasurer – Grace Howell

Website – Sandi Wozniak

Artistic Director – Paul Grambo

Accompanist – Hayoon Kim


Membership: Lois Nagata

Librarians: Rita Vilis, Tom Adams

Ticket Coordinator: Gretchen Rozek

Promotions & Publicity: Ian Davies, Rod Culham

Ken Fleet Scholarship Selection Committee: Ernest Redekop

London Choral Foundation Records: Mary Carol Watters

House Managers: Sue Edmondson, Donna Kelley

Social Media: Rod Culham (Facebook, Instagram, X)

Special Projects & Fundraising: Lesley Maciver

Social: Emilie Paraskevas, Tanja van Dam, Jennifer Harrison, Victoria Piovesan, Pam Deacon

Wardrobe: Tara Gonder

Zoom Meeting Technical Contact: Melanie Vandenborre

Other Technical Contacts:  Shane Glendinning,  Andrew Haji